(2006 - 2013)

[A NOTE ON 2015.04.11] 
Dear wanderer,

I am very pleased that you are keeping my music alive, and that you stumbled into this blog. My name is Darius, I am from a specific spot on the planet Earth which is called Lithuania, and for more than eight or nine years I have been learning to make music (until 2013 as "the Picturesque Episodes", since then as "King Sleep"). I had never had any official music training, being completely self-taught brings out many struggles but I work through it as I have been for nine years now, constantly working. Through those years I have released (or, rather, compiled) sixteen or seventeen albums, each one of them different, each of them special. A star map to my dreams. I have started out with weird ambient, monotonic drones and choruses ("Dreams I"), nasty tape hiss and went slowly towards the melodic clean sound, towards beautiful chords and melodies in slow motion, and sometimes pure ambient, bliss ("Singularity"), a shining, neo-classical music made up of strings, beautiful ambiences and echoes.

Then post-rock happened, and I have recorded some average demos for quite heavy post-rock albums, explosive energy, build up's and some tricks! with the most important albums being "Constellations" and "Cosmogenesis". Most of the albums were intertwined through a theme of a space opera, a science fiction story that I wrote/am writing/will be writing (choose the best option). As I have learned to make music further, my personal tastes started shifting towards indie pop, electronic music, all kinds of lo-fi pop, surf rock, texture based pop music. More vocal based music.. shifted me towards the better and then "King Sleep" happened. And ever since I have been trying to make the best music that I can, always changing the form and the genre. 

Yes, there will be unplanned "the Picturesque Episodes" releases in the future, because these beautiful ambient albums take me a rather short time to record, mix, master and complete; these sound waves just come to me, I try to translate it and share it with you. It is your choice whether you want to hear what I have come up with.. I have set in motion a debut album as "King Sleep", where I show my other colours - as a song-writer / singer / producer. I really hope it all works out!

Here is an unrelated list of interviews with me and articles that have been released while I worked as "the Picturesque Episodes" and played in a six-piece instrumental rock band from Kaunas, "slowattack":




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